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How to Get Out of Jail on Bond

If you have been arrested, you know that you do not want to spend the entire time in jail, awaiting your case to be heard. Unfortunately, the justice system can be slow. You may wait in jail for months for your case to be heard. Instead of sitting those months in jail, you should be able to get out on bond and await your trial outside of jail.

What is Bond?

Bond is where you pay the court for your freedom. You will give them money or property to ensure that you will come back to court. This amount will vary depending on the crime you have committed. In some cases, this fee will be very low, and in other cases, you may find yourself paying a significant amount. Fortunately, at the end of the trial, you will get your money or property back.

How to Post Bond

In order to get a bond, you will need to go in front of a judge to figure out how much you will have to pay. You can go by yourself or you can have a 24/7 Bail Bond Lawyer Services san marcos tx help you. Lawyer services will help you to determine how much you have to pay, and potentially help you to lower the amount. Your lawyer will help to prove that you are not a flight risk. In some cases, your lawyer may even get you out without you having to pay any kind of bail bond amount. This will all depend on your past criminal record. Your attorney will present your case, and the judge will make a ruling.

After the judge makes the ruling, you will have a chance to pay the court. Bail bonds can often be expensive, so if you cannot afford it, you will need to look at a bail bond agency. A bail bond agency will charge you a fee. This fee will be dependent on how much your bond is. Once you have paid that fee, the bail bond company will post your bail bond. You will be free to leave jail. When you pay a bail bondsman, you will not get any money back. You will need to make sure that you go to court on your court date. If you do not do this, the bail bondsman will lose their money, and you will be held fully responsible. Not only will you have to pay that money back, but you will also be looking at more jail time. This time, you will not be able to get out on bond.

If you have been arrested, in most cases you can get out on bond. You will want to immediately contact your lawyer to set up an appointment for him or her to come in with you to a bail hearing. After that, you can post your bail, or call a bail bondsman. You will be free until your upcoming court case. Remember to go to your court hearing which will allow you to face your punishment and put this time behind you.