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What to Do if You Are in a Trucking Accident

For those driving big trucks that are hauling food or equipment back and forth need to know how to handle an accident when it happens. That being said, accidents are bound to happen no matter if you are in a car or a long-haul truck. The goal is to know how to react when something like this does occur. You want to make sure you get all of your information and facts organized of what happened. Don’t find yourself lost and not being able to gather any information that you can’t use in court or bring to an attorney for help. Here are some things to do if you are in a trucking accident.


You want to collect as much information that is available to you at the time of the incident and after. Our minds can get a bit dizzy and you might forget some details if you are really rattled about the whole situation. It’s normal to be a caught off balance and lose some memory if the accident was really bad. However, if you still have it together take a notepad out to the scene and start putting down some notes that you can refer to later. You can search online for any trucking accidents lawyer houma la in your area, and give them the notes.


Since your truck is a lot bigger than the normal car, you need to take a lot of photos. Show where the damage is compared to where you are and how that damage effected your body. You need to show torn seat covers and where the are a list of dents to your truck. If the engine is mangled and wires are sticking out, then that would be good as well. The purpose of the photos is that you might show something different once the insurance adjuster comes out to take a look. Your photos could contradict what they have when it comes down to compensation which your attorney can help you with.


Video is a great idea to capturing everything in the whole incident. This means nearby stores, people passing by or who could have seen something to be a witness and the road you were traveling. Nothing speaks louder than video documentation that paints a whole other story that you could possibly use in court. Your lawyer will appreciate these as well since you are adding more to your documentation.

There are a lot of ways we should react when getting in an accident with our truck. No one has the right answer because we are all human with emotions that can get out of control, especially during a wreck. Do yourself a favor and collect the data that you need to share all facts of what happened. You can use photos which can give a vivid image of the damage. Further, you can up this a video roll that takes in the entire scene of who hit who, where it happened, the people in the area and all of the shops nearby.